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Bigamy – When Just One is Not Enough!

As a family lawyer in Perth, it is not uncommon for people to rush into my office seeking a quick divorce after many, many years of separation.  Why the haste?  Whilst the single ground for divorce within Australia is the irretrievable breakdown of  the marriage, I often wonder what spurs this sudden desire to become [...]

Barmy Army

Roll Out the Barrel in Our Barmy Army Life in the Australian Army is hazardous.  You might get sent to a war zone.  There’s also an unwritten expectation that you might, on occasion, drink lots of alcohol. That’s the view of the High Court at least, which recently found that a soldier who fell out [...]

The Need for a Current Will – Marriage and Divorce

I was playing at the Cambridge Bowling Club recently (nice venue) and was absolutely delighted to be recognised by one of the opposing bowlers, who advised me that he had just read the article on Bigamy in "Legal Corner" on page 29 in the October edition of Jack High (edition 84). We had a bit [...]

Interim Distributions in a Deceased Estate

Administration of a deceased estate is the process whereby the legal personal representative of the deceased's estate ascertains the information needed to wind up the estate and then carries out the instructions of the will-maker in their will or if the deceased passed away intestate, then in accordance with the relevant legislation.  During the course [...]

Binding Financial Agreements – Why We Don’t Do Them

This article was published by Rachel Nickless in the Australian Financial Review on 28 January 2012. Forget that pre-nup.  If you have signed an agreement to determine who gets what after a relationship breaks down, you may find it worthless.  And should you be about to ring-fence your assets from your partner-to-be, you might struggle [...]

Criminal Injuries Compensation – What You Need to Know

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being injured as a result of an assault, a sexual assault, or unlawful wounding (called ‘criminal actions’ or ‘criminal act’) you have rights and should know the factors that may affect the compensation you may receive for your injuries. Your Options What are your options when [...]

Who Will Get the Super? An Estate Planning Question

Last week one of my clients approached me.  His concern was that his elderly mother was going to pass away one day.  She had a significant estate and all of her assets were invested in her superannuation fund and his question was “What happens to her superannuation money when she passes away and what will [...]

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