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Only an experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyer in Perth will have conduct of your matter! Friedman Lurie Singh & D’Angelo specialise in helping those affected by motor vehicle accidents.

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Who Can Claim Compensation for Injuries?

Anyone who, whether as a driver, rider, passenger, pillion rider, pedestrian or cyclist who has been injured where a motor vehicle (car or motorcycle) is involved may claim.

Will I Recover Compensation Even if the Accident was Partly my Fault?

Yes. However, negligence or partial negligence of the driver of a vehicle (whether another vehicle or the one you were travelling in) has to be established. This depends on the circumstances of the accident but you do have a claim for compensation even if the accident was partly your fault.

If I am a Passenger do I Claim Against the Driver of the Vehicle in Which I was Travelling?

The claim is made through the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA). All registered vehicles in Western Australia have insurance cover that indemnifies drivers of vehicles who are liable in an accident. A family member or friend who may be the driver who cause the accident in normal circumstances will not be personally implicated by the making of a claim. If you are concerned about making a claim because of this, please call us on 08 9254 0000 for free advice.

When Should I Make this Claim?

Notice in writing prescribed by regulation of your intention to make a claim must be given as soon as practicable after an accident. Failure to do so is likely to jeopardise your claim. There are further limitation periods, depending on the situation, preventing a claimant from pursuing their entitlements.


Please note that if you are 18 years old or older at the time you injure yourself in a motor vehicle accident, then you only have 3 years from the date of the accident to either settle your claim or commence legal proceedings. Should you not settle your claim within 3 years and should you fail to commence legal proceedings within 3 years, then you will lose all your rights and entitlements to claim damages for your injuries. Varying periods between 3 and 6 years apply to those under 18 years of age.

Do I Have a Claim for my Medical, Pharmaceutical and Hospital Expenses?

Yes. Once ICWA has accepted liability and if the treatment is necessary in relation to your injury, ICWA will pay for the reasonable cost of these expenses.

If your expenses are delayed or disputed, contact us for free phone advice.

Can I Claim for Loss of Earnings and Sick Leave?

Yes, this includes wages lost now and in the future, sick leave and superannuation losses.

If you are suffering financial hardship due to your inability to work then instead of waiting until settlement of your claim to get paid loss of earnings, our personal injury lawyers in Perth can apply on your behalf to obtain from the Insurance Commission of Western Australia an advance payment for loss of earnings. This will certainly assist you and relieve you of financial hardship whilst your claim is continuing.

Can I Claim for Pain and Suffering, Loss of Enjoyment and Loss of Amenities of Life, Disfigurement, Mental Distress, Inconvenience and Permanent Disabilities?

Yes, all the above can be claimed. However, there is a statutory deduction that applies in all claims. We will explain this to you at your first consultation.

It is very important that when you do see your general practitioner or any other medical specialist that you inform them fully of all your ongoing pain, suffering and discomfort and how your injuries affect you in your everyday life in terms of your social, sporting, recreational, household and work activities.

Can I Claim Damages Arising Out of the Death of a Family Member?

Yes. These claims, however, depend on whether you were financially dependent on that family member at the time of death.

What About Legal Costs?

We give you free initial phone advice on your claim. If you have any problems now, call us on 08 9254 0000 before the situation gets worse.

Your first consultation is free if you do not proceed with us. Normally we do not require payment of fees until the completion of your claim. We may even be able to help you with expenses (Court fees and medical report fees) while your claim is continuing.

If there is no successful outcome of your claim and we are not able to achieve an offer of settlement for you then you will not have to pay us any legal costs at all.

Do I Have to go to Court to get a Settlement?

No. A large majority of claims are settled without the necessity of going to Court.

Do you Know What your Claim is Worth?

We can provide you with efficient, caring and strong representation in relation to your claim. We have found in the past that injured persons rarely have any idea of what their claims are worth. It is therefore important that you obtain the right legal advice to enable you to obtain the maximum settlement possible.

Our Legal Team

Most of our lawyers have in excess of 20 years experience each in dealing with motor vehicle accident claims. This will ensure that you receive the best possible legal representation to enable you to achieve the best result possible.

Please see reference below from one of our very satisfied clients:

“I would like to express to you and your team my most sincere appreciation for all your hard work in the successful completion of my claim. You and your team conducted yourselves with compassion and professionalism during the most difficult time of my life. My family and I will be forever grateful to you all as our future is now financially secure” – S.W. & Family

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