How Long Does It Take To Sort Out A Divorce?

Well there are three main areas in family law. So one is divorce itself if you’re married.  You have to be separated for at least 12 months before you can apply for divorce but after that 12-month period it’s entirely up to you or your partners to when you choose to apply.
Once you are divorced there are then time limits if you want to apply for financial orders in the family court. In relation to the second area which is financial matters if you have any assets you and your partner that’s really up to you when you decide to sort those issues out but bearing in mind there are time limits in de facto relationships you’ve only got two years after separation to apply for financial orders in the Family Court.
It may well be and it’s always preferable if you can reach an agreement on resolving your financial matters and that can be that can be by way of a form 11 application in the Family Court and there’s no attendance need it’s all done on paper.
Otherwise you can issue proceedings once you’ve complied with pre-action procedures. In relation to parenting issues there’s also no time limit in relation to when you apply if you need to apply for parenting orders again it’s good to try and discuss with your partner try and reach agreement in the best interest of your children also mediation is compulsory unless your manner is urgent before you can apply for parenting orders.
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