Medical Negligence

Only experienced and dedicated medical negligence lawyers in Perth will have conduct of your matter!

A person injured or psychologically affected due to treatment by a health professional may have a claim for compensation.

The spouse and children of a person who dies as a result of the negligence of a health professional may still be able to claim damages.

Our medical negligence and personal injury lawyers in Perth will approach your medical negligence claim in a straightforward and simple fashion. First, we will gather together the factual information relating to what happened. Next, we will obtain expert opinion as to whether or not there is a case to answer. Once this has been done we will guide you through the process of pursuing your claim with a view to resolving your claim as soon as possible. In our experience more than 90% of cases are finalised before trial and most can be finalised at a settlement conference and often without issuing legal proceedings!

If you wish to pursue your claim it is important you act without delay. It may be too late to act if you wait until your injuries have stabilised. Changes have been made to the law in Western Australia which have, in many cases, halved the time you have to bring a negligence claim!

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