Total And Permanent Disability (TPD)

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At Friedman Lurie Singh & D’Angelo our personal injury lawyers in Perth, Rockingham and Joondalup specialise in total and permanent disability (TPD) claims.

Where you have sustained injury that renders you totally and permanently unable to work you may be entitled to a lump sum. Sometimes the lump sum can be many tens of thousands of dollars.

You may not even know you have such an entitlement! Often superannuation funds will take out a policy on your behalf.

The right to make a claim depends on the express wording of the insurance policy and the entitlement is limited to the maximum set out in the policy.

TPD claims can be complex and medical evidence obtained in support of a claim must be obtained carefully.

If you wish to pursue your claim, it is important that you act without delay as time limits often apply.

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If your TPD has been caused as a result of medical negligence, our medical negligence lawyers in Perth are on standby to help you pursue your claim.

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