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While you are receiving treatment, the insurer may be obtaining evidence to stop or reduce your wages!

Who Can Claim Workers’ Compensation?

All employees (workers) in Western Australia have workers’ compensation entitlements even if the injury was partly their fault.

Even some sub-contractors (subbies), part-timers and casuals can claim such entitlements.

Does the Injury Have to be During Work?

Yes and injuries while you were not physically at the work place may also be included.

However, except in certain cases, travelling from home to work and return is NOT covered by workers’ compensation.

What do I do When Injured at Work?

  1. Report the injury immediately to your employer in any incident book.
  2. See a doctor (this is really very important).
  3. Phone us on 08 9254 0000 for FREE advice before you fill in any claim forms or sign anything.

Are There Time Limits Within Which to Submit a Claim?

Yes, you are required to submit a notice of occurrence of an injury and make a claim for compensation as soon as practicable after an accident. In fact, unless you comply with the required procedures, the claim will not be maintainable after the expiry of 12 months from the date of accident. You need to obtain legal advice  from workers’ compensation lawyers  immediately. It may be too late if you wait for the termination date to approach. If you do not progress a legal claim (not just reporting a workers’ compensation claim) immediately, then you may lose your right to claim. Contatc us immediately.

Can my Weekly Payments be Reduced or Stopped?

Yes, reduction may occur automatically after 13 weeks from the date of your injury. Also, the insurer may seek to stop your weekly payments. This is complicated and you should call us on 08 9254 0000 for FREE phone advice now.

If you do receive a notice that the insurer intends to reduce or stop payments, you should phone us immediately for FREE advice.

What About Medical Bills?

The workers’ compensation insurer should pay all medical, physiotherapy and medication bills but this too may be stopped if challenged by the insurer.

Am I Entitled to a Lump Sum Payment?

There are 2 types of lump sum payments, a workers’ compensation “redemption” and a “common law” damages lump sum.

Both depend on your level of disability. A lump sum payment is best negotiated urgently because in most cases delay will reduce it.

Besides Claims Under the Workers’ Compensation Act do I Have any Further Claims Against my Employer?

Yes, this is the common law damages claim. If it can be shown that your injuries were caused by your employer’s negligence or where your employer breached the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Delay may jeopardise your claim. You should call us for FREE phone advice immediately.

Superannuation Disability Claims

Your injury may entitle you to a lump sum payment under your occupational Superannuation Plan. Contact us for advice.

What About Legal Costs?

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Your first consultation with our workers’ compensation lawyers is FREE if you do not proceed with us. Normally we do not require payment of fees until the completion of your claim. We may even be able to help you with legal expenses (Court fees and medical reports fees) while we help you make a claim.

Personal injury lawyer Kevin Wong answers some of the most common questions about worker’s compensation and common law damages cases in the short videos below. Click play to watch.

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