Family Law

Family Law: challenges of Family Law, entitled to claim on ex-spouse’s medical settlement claim, separation – things to consider, how to facilitate discussions on bills

Portia Jonasi is a partner of Friedman, Lurie Singh & D'Angelo and specializes in the firm’s family law division and is a member of the Family Law Practitioners’ Association of Western Australia.Portia’s knowledge of family law and experience in this field has earned her title as one of the best family lawyers in Perth. She [...]

Bigamy – When Just One is Not Enough!

As a family lawyer in Perth, it is not uncommon for people to rush into my office seeking a quick divorce after many, many years of separation.  Why the haste?  Whilst the single ground for divorce within Australia is the irretrievable breakdown of  the marriage, I often wonder what spurs this sudden desire to become [...]

The Need for a Current Will – Marriage and Divorce

I was playing at the Cambridge Bowling Club recently (nice venue) and was absolutely delighted to be recognised by one of the opposing bowlers, who advised me that he had just read the article on Bigamy in "Legal Corner" on page 29 in the October edition of Jack High (edition 84). We had a bit [...]

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