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A trust is a collection of rights and duties. Essentially, the concept of a trust is that of a person who holds something (property) for the benefit (on behalf of) someone else, e.g., where John holds a case of wine in his cellar for his friend, Bob.

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The most common sort of trust that we are likely to come across is where one person is appointed either orally or in writing to hold on behalf of one or more other people an asset or sum of money. It is then said that “A holds money on behalf of B in trust”.

A then is the trustee and B is the beneficiary. The trustee must look after the subject matter of the trust and do what the settlor of the trust (the person who has given the money in the 1st instance to be held in trust by A) has instructed the trustee to do.

A trust can be set up whilst the various parties to the trust are alive (an inter vivos trust), whereas trust in a will is known as a testamentary trust. This trust only comes into existence once the will operates, i.e., upon the death of the will maker.

There are various rules which apply to set up a trust in order to ensure the trust’s validity.

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