Personal Injury

Workplace Accidents in the Mining Industry – What You Need to Know

Am I Entitled to a Claim? All workers in the mining industry in WA have workers’ compensation rights. The definition of a ‘worker’ under the law is broad. It generally covers persons engaged under a contract of service. Even some sub-contractors, part-time workers and casuals can claim entitlements. Even if somebody is engaged under a [...]

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Barmy Army

Roll Out the Barrel in Our Barmy Army Life in the Australian Army is hazardous.  You might get sent to a war zone.  There’s also an unwritten expectation that you might, on occasion, drink lots of alcohol. That’s the view of the High Court at least, which recently found that a soldier who fell out [...]

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Criminal Injuries Compensation – What You Need to Know

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being injured as a result of an assault, a sexual assault, or unlawful wounding (called ‘criminal actions’ or ‘criminal act’) you have rights and should know the factors that may affect the compensation you may receive for your injuries. Your Options What are your options when [...]

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The Assessment of Personal Injuries Damages – Part II – Pecuniary Loss and the Mechanical Dinosaur

In the last issue we discussed the assessment of personal injuries damages in the context of non-pecuniary loss.  Non-pecuniary loss can broadly be called “pain and suffering” damages. This article deals with the other category of damages recoverable in personal injuries cases, “pecuniary losses”. Pecuniary Losses Pecuniary or money losses can be divided into the [...]

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The Assessment of Personal Injury Damages – Part I – Non-Pecuniary Loss and Playing the Piano

A question our personal injury lawyers in Perth are often asked by clients and prospective clients is how damages are assessed in personal injuries claims. What is the loss of a hand worth for a pianist? Categories of Damages There are 2 main categories of damages in personal injuries claims.  These can broadly be called [...]

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Highest Awarded Asbestos Case in WA History

Background The plaintiff was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2009. He alleged that he was exposed to asbestos dust during his childhood visits to a miniature railway located in the grounds of an orphanage. The plaintiff visited the site about six times with his parents in the 1970’s when he was four years old and played [...]

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I’ve Been Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident – What Do I Do? Do I Have a Claim?

The Insurance Commission of WA (‘ICWA’) is WA’s only Compulsory Third Party Insurer which manages all personal injury (and fatal) claims resulting from motor vehicle crashes that involve a WA licensed vehicle.  As soon as you are involved in a motor vehicle accident (‘MVA’) and you have sustained injuries, you must report the accident to [...]

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